Manuel Castaño

Software Engineer (learning to be Site Reliability Engineer)

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Software engineer with half a year of experience, enthusiastic in devops, site reliability engineering and web development. Constantly learning. Have developed server-side applications and set up small continuous integration environments, as well as participated in deploying applications to production. Currently learning to become a Site Reliability Engineer.


1999Born in Antioquia, Colombia.
2016He completed his high school studies at Liceo Francisco Restrepo Molina.
2021He create CalendarApp, an event management application with markdown-based notes (a personal project for learning purposes). See here.
2021He create TodoNative, a smoothly animated ToDo app built with React Native (a personal project for learning purposes). See here.
2022He has completed the professional program in computer engineering at Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza Cadavid.
2022He worked as a backend developer with NodeJS (and sometimes a bit of python).

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Programming, devops, learning new technologies, configuring my work environment, music and video games.


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